Guidelines (MUST read before applying!)

– You must be currently in need of a long-term mentor. This program is perfect for those currently going through the medical school application or those with specific questions about medical school. This isn’t for those who have only one specific question.
– You must provide a valid email and promptly respond to your mentor.
– This program is open to students who are living and applying to medical schools in the United States only. This program is not open to IMGs because our mentors do not have experience in advising IMGs. We are so sorry!
– While we do our best to match you with a mentor who fits your needs, the pool of mentor available is available to who volunteers to sign up. Therefore, a specific type of mentor may not always be available to be matched with you. You must be open to being matched with anyone and being grateful to have a medical student mentor. If not, please do not sign up.
You must be willing to put in the effort to reach out to your mentor for the initial meeting and continue to follow up with them and cultivate your mentorship relationship. This is how mentorship is created. You need to come to them with questions!
Not ALL mentors are able to read and revise your personal statement and do mock interviews. When requested, we always try our best to match you with one, but please remember that our mentors are volunteers and may not have specific experience in these regards other than going through the process themselves. Please do not expect your mentor to complete comprehensive edits of your application and conduct multiple mock interviews with you.
– This program is meant for you to be able to chat with a medical student to get insights into the medical school journey, tips for applying, tips on studying for the MCAT, navigating challenges, tips for balance school and life, etc. It is not meant to purely be a service-based mentorship. If that’s what you’re looking for, feel free to check out our paid services.
Applications that do not fit these criteria will be removed, so please save your time if you do not fit this criteria.

If you complete the form in its ENTIRETY, you will be matched with a mentor in 1-2 months (we hold matches every other month). Check out Instagram for the latest updates. If you were not matched, you will be matched in the next round (no need to fill out the form again)! 🙂 Thank you!