– This is a volunteer-based program for medical students interested in giving back and gaining mentorship/leadership skills.
– All mentors will be matched with 1-2 mentees.
– Mentorship sessions can be carried out through phone calls, text messages, emails, or zoom meetings.
– As a mentor, you are the leader and can determine how often you want to meet with your mentee as well as your length of your commitment (we suggest at least 3 months).
– We want to foster organic mentorship relationships and won’t implement structured weekly or monthly meetings. Most mentors have an initial phone or zoom meeting to learn about their mentees’ needs and offer to be available for any questions the mentee has throughout the process or set up monthly meetings. Some mentors talk with their mentees frequently via text while some offer to be available only via email. We understand that you are a busy medical student so we’ve left this completely up to you!
– To be an eligible mentor, you must be a current or recently accepted medical student in the United States!

NOTE: We pair mentors with mentees every OTHER month. Due to the overwhelming interest of our program, sometimes you may miss the cut off for that month’s pairing because there were more mentors than mentees signed up. In that case, you will be paired in the following match that would take place 2 months later.

Thank you for participating in Med Mentors!