Our Most Valuable Mentor Awards are awarded to Med Mentors medical students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to carry out our mission, mentoring future generations of doctors. These students have shown exemplary work in our program. They have regularly committed to mentoring many pre-medical students and have gone above and beyond for their students. They are strong leaders and are motivated to guide students through the difficult journey to medical school. We hope to recognize the valuable work they have done to improve and support connections within medicine.

Elijah Persad-Paisley, Brown University School of Medicine

1. Hometown? Queens, New York 🗽
2. Favorite part of mentorship? Being able to help students realize their potential in medicine
3. What specialty do you hope to pursue? Either neurosurgery or plastic surgery!
4. Fun fact? I went on a date that ended being a Mr. Beast video on Youtube that got 80 million views (around the 4:30 mark)!
5. Favorite food? Homemade baked macaroni and cheese 🧀

6. This or that: hot or ice coffee? Neither! 😬 I exclusively drink tea
7. Favorite place to study? My at-home office!

Elijah has been a valuable asset to the Med Mentors community. He has helped numerous pre-medical students navigate the medical school journey through personal mentorship. Additionally, he has served as a medical school application editor and has reviewed over 30 students’ applications within a matter of weeks.

– Med Mentors Team

"Elijah was such a great mentor! He took his time to really do a thorough review and breakdown of my PS. He was the first reviewer who had me really take a step back and reflect on my experience and journey to medicine! I became more introspective after working with him. I couldn't be more grateful!"
Kristy A.
2021 Medical School Applicant

Keiko Inouye, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Western University

1. Hometown? Vancouver, WA
2. What specialty do you hope to pursue? Ophthalmology
3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Queenstown, New Zealand
4. Fun fact? I was on Reading Rainbow when I was in 1st grade!
5. Favorite food? Ramen
6. This or that: coffee or tea? Tea!
7. Favorite place to study? By the pool (perks of going to school in Southern California

Keiko has been an wonderful addition to the Med Mentors community. She has been a dedicated mentor who cares deeply about her mentees’ success. We are incredibly lucky to have Keiko as a Med Mentor!

– Med Mentors Team

"Keiko is a phenomenal mentor! She has monthly check-ins with me to answer any questions I have around medical school but also to check-in on my health and well-being. Keiko reassured me when I have doubts about my abilities to pursue medicine and has always made time to speak with me when a concern comes up. She has been so supportive of me and has motivated me to further pursue my passions."
Dynasia Tran