Our Outstanding Mentee Awards are awarded to Med Mentors pre-medical students who have demonstrated a commitment to the program and exceptional qualities of a mentee. These students remain eager and open to gaining feedback from their mentors. They take the initiative to connect with their mentors, are prepared for meetings, and are proactive in carrying out their goals. They remain curious about learning and implement lessons from their mentor to further their personal and professional growth. We hope to recognize the valuable qualities they bring to Med Mentors and to the future of medicine.

Dynasia Tran, University of Michigan

Dynasia Tran (mentee) is one of the hardest working students I know! It’s a pleasure to know her and I can’t wait to see what she achieves!”

– Dynasia’s Med Mentor 

“I love that mentors in this program are so passionate about helping pre-med students learn more about medicine and helping us share our “why medicine” story. As a first-gen student, I have felt extremely intimidated by the process of becoming a physician. With help from my mentor, I have grown to be more confident in the experiences and skills I have gained. Without this program, I do not think I would be able to understand the steps I need to take to become a physician and more importantly, realize that there are different routes to medical school and it is okay if I am still discovering mine.”
– Dynasia

We wish you the best, Dynasia!