Thank you for your purchase!

Please submit your essay(s) as a Word Document.

The form will only allow you to upload 1 document per submission. Please include all your essays in one document.

If you purchased multiple edits, you will need to fill out the submission form for each document. For example, if you purchased 1 Personal Statement (PS) edit and 1 Activities edit, you will fill out the form twice. You do not need to fill it out at the same time. So if your PS is ready, but you want to submit your activities at a later time, that’s fine!

If you purchased multiple rounds of edits, you will only submit the first draft you want us edit, then you will submit your second draft after you revise your first draft with our edits.

For secondaries, please submit all the secondaries you want reviewed as one document with the school’s name, prompt, word/character count for each prompt, and your answer. Be sure to follow the associated word limit for submission:

– 3 secondaries package: 3,000 words total

– 5 secondaries package: 5,000 words total

– 10 secondaries package: 10,000 words total

If you purchased the brainstorm/outline package, you will receive another email from us with the guide and further instructions within 24 hours.


If you have any questions about the submission or anything related to your order, please reach out to us at We’d love to hear from you.