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We have an expert team of physician who provide personalized advising to pre-medical and medical students applying to medical school and residency.

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We are a small team of expert physicians who have experience serving on the admissions committee. Our competitive edge is the small, intimate, yet powerful group we have. We often work together so your application material has multiple eyes on it. Your application material also gets the greatest attention to detail.

We help you succeed by working in our zone of genius. We provide the best advising because we:

We help students get accepted into their dream school.

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We hold our standard very high when it comes to the quality of our work and you can be sure you are getting the absolute best service when you work with us.

High acceptance rate

Our students greatly improve their chances at acceptance and many ultimately get accepted into top medical schools!

Our Services

Services we offer

Personal Statement Editing

From start to finish, we can help you conceptualize what to include in your essay to perfecting your final essay.

Medical School Application Editing

We provide an in-depth personalized review of your application to ensure you are maximizing your qualifications and chance at acceptance.

Residency Application Editing

We provide an in-depth personalized review of your application to ensure you are maximizing your qualifications and chance at matching.

Mock Interviews

We will help you perfect your answers so can confidently walk into your interview and know exactly what to say to improve your chances at acceptance!

Check out our leadership team.

To make this possible, we have an experienced team of students who run our mentorship program!

Our free mentorship program

We make mentorship in medicine acccessible.

One of our core values include providing mentorship opportunities to pre-meds who otherwise would not have access to it. We run a free mentorship program where we match pre-medical students with medical student mentor volunteers.

We can help you stand out and be a more competitive applicant.

We have experience helping many students who have ultimately been accepted into medical school and matched into residency. If you have any questions about your services, please reach out to us!

Lily's guidance is invaluable! After working on my medical school application for a few months, I wanted to get some final thoughts before submitting. I am so thankful for the thorough, thoughtful, and clear feedback Lily provided. Her help allowed me to submit my application with confidence. I highly recommend her services!

    Dwena Phillps

    I'm really glad that I decided to have my personal statement reviewed by Lily! After rewriting my essay a few times on my own, I really needed to get a fresh set of eyes to look at my essay. Although I've had close friends read over my essay, it was super helpful to have Lily's extensive comments and suggestions from the perspective of a current medical student. She was very detailed and specific which is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

      Jasmine Jeon

      I am so glad I chose Lily to review and edit my personal statement. She was very responsive and updated me on the status of my essay and returned the reviewed PS promptly. She addressed all my concerns and questions regarding my essays, and her feedback is very detailed and helped me craft a stronger essay. I definitely made the right decision choosing Lily and Med Mentors to guide my med school app journey!

        Joyce Dapula