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Top High-Quality Personal Statement Editing for Medical School Applications

Our review services offer you personalized feedback and help you craft powerful personal statements that highlight your strengths, qualifications and unique story so that you can stand out, gain many interviews and ultimately get accepted!

Editors who are MD physicians with admissions committee experience

Comprehensive reviews with a formal feedback report

Real results - many of our students have been accepted into medical school

Quick turnaround: 48 - 72 hours

How it works:

Purchase a package that best fits your needs

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Receive an email with instructions on how to send us your essay

Our expert physician editors will be working hard to edit your essay - reviewing it, re-reading it, and providing you comprehensive feedback.

Receive an email with your edited application and/or personal statement and be one step closer to achieving your dreams of being a future doctor!


We know what it's like to be a pre-med! Most review services charge well over $5,000 for similar services. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality, affordable services!


Your editor has extensive writing and personal statement editing experience as well as has spent years serving on the medical school admissions committee.


We are committed to helping you create a medical school application that successfully portrays your qualifications as a future doctor. We will make sure you stand out from the rest!

Our Pricing

Your investments in your application

We aim to offer very competitive pricing for our top quality services! 

One edit packages

One Personal Statement Edit

We will do a comprehensive review of your personals statement and make sure it is perfect before you submit it! 


One Medical School Application Edit

We will transform the meaningful activities you’ve spent hours doing into an application that is cohesive and will make you stand out.


Two edit packages - most popular!
We highly recommend at least 2 edits to maximize your application!

Two Personal Statement Edits

Our MOST popular package! We will make sure that your passion for medicine is accurately described and that your essay represents the highly qualified candidate you are!

Two Medical School Application Edits

We will transform the meaningful activities you’ve spent hours doing into an application that is cohesive and will make you stand out.


Two Medical School Secondary Essays Edit: Up to 3 Schools

We will help you demonstrate your fit for medical schools and get you one step closer to that interview.


More secondary packages

Secondary Essays Edit: 5 Schools

We will help you demonstrate your fit for medical schools and get you one step closer to that interview.


Secondary Essays Edits: 10 Schools

We will help you demonstrate your fit for medical schools and get you one step closer to that interview.


Combined packages

One Personal Statement Edit and One Application Edit (Save $19)

We will focus on making your personal statement and application cohesive, memorable and remarkable so that you can stand out from other applicants! 

Two Personal Statement Edits and Two Application Edits (Highly Recommended, Save $57!)

Make the most of your application! We highly recommend this package to your students as we are confident our feedback will improve your chances at an acceptance!


Two Personal Statement Edits, Two Application Edits, and Two Secondary Edits (Save $159!)

This complete package will greatly improve your chances at an acceptance! We will work with you closely throughout the admissions cycle and provide you comprehensive edits on all your essays! This is perfect for you if you’re concerned about your writing and if this will hold you back from being a future doctor! 

Joyce Dapula

Medical school applicant

"I am so glad I chose Lily to review and edit my personal statement. She was very responsive and updated me on the status of my essay and returned the reviewed PS promptly. She addressed all my concerns and questions regarding my essays, and her feedback is very detailed and helped me craft a stronger essay. I definitely made the right decision choosing Lily and Med Mentors to guide my med school app journey!"

Rachel Webb

Medical school applicant

"Lily was amazing to work with for editing my personal statement. She is prompt in responding to emails and giving you updates of when to expect your personal statement editing to be sent back to you. Her review was thorough and I felt that she took the time to really read my personal statement and give feedback where it was needed. I would highly recommend her service to anyone applying to medical school!"

Tiffany Lui

Medical school applicant

"Lily was really helpful both in helping me edit my personal statement and making me feel more confident about it. Writing has never been my strong suit and I always felt as if my personal statement was never good enough. Lily provided very detailed feedback on where and how I could improve my PS. Unlike more editing services that only leave comments on where to improve, Lily provided clear examples of what she meant and even offered suggestions. Overall, Lily has made the process of writing and editing my PS a lot less stressful."

Shannon McLaughlin

Medical school applicant

"Lily was amazing with editing my personal statement! She offered the comprehensive feedback I was looking for and worked through all of my concerns. HIGHLY recommend using her PS editing services, it was well worth the money!"

Morgan Storino

Medical school applicant

"Lily provided specific and thorough guidance while editing my secondary essays. As the first in my family and circle of friends to have gone through the medical school application process, it was helpful to know I could rely on Lily's feedback as someone who was successful in her own application. Lily was incredibly detailed in her edits, responded to all of my concerns, and her turn around time was fantastic. I'm happy to have made the right choice in choosing Lily to edit my secondaries, and I would 100% recommend her service to a friend!"

Dwena Phillips

Medical school applicant

"Lily's guidance is invaluable! After working on my medical school application for a few months, I wanted to get some final thoughts before submitting. I am so thankful for the thorough, thoughtful, and clear feedback Lily provided. Her help allowed me to submit my application with confidence. I highly recommend her services!"


Medical school applicant

"THEY ARE AMAZING! I got both my personal statement and activities sections edited and the feedback I received was incredible. They did not only put comments on my personal statement and activities like other companies do, but they actually edited the sentences and changed it so that it was better understood! Highly recommend Med Mentors so much!"


Medical school applicant

"I had such a great experience working with my editor, I am going to purchase other services such as the interview prep. I wish I had known about the services earlier because it would have been very helpful. The editor who worked with me was perfect he translated my writing into what I was trying to convey."


Medical school applicant

"It was a wonderful experience working with Sini -- professional, timely, and truly cares about making your unique voice shine through your writing. The editing is top-notch, and I appreciated his attention to detail and supportive, authentic feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and will not think twice about returning with future essays!"

Expert advisors

Meet your top-tier editors

We each have years of admissions committee, mentoring, editing and advising experience. 

Dr. Lily Trinh

Dr. Trinh recently completed a clinical research year at Mass Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School and worked with a world-renown thyroid surgeon conducting cutting edge research. She is an incoming Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery resident physician, which is one of the most competitive residency specialties to match into. She served on her School of Medicine’s Admissions Committee for 4 years where she reviewed applications, conducted interviews, and provided evaluations to the decision committee about the applicants. Lily has been an expert editor for over 4 years, developed an online course teaching hundreds of students how to craft a standout personal statement, and has a strong track record of getting her students success! 

Dr. Jennifer Ferrante

Dr. Ferrante is an incoming pediatric resident physician at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. She graduated from medical school as a member of the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. She earned a full cost of attendance scholarship for college, where she double-majored in Neuroscience and English. As a medical student, she served on her School of Medicine Admissions Committee where she conducted applicant interviews, completed hundreds of applicants, and voted on applicants’ acceptance. She has years of experience providing applicants with personal statement edits, application edits, and interview preparation. With her expertise in writing and medical school admissions and her passion for helping pre-medical and medical students, Dr. Ferrante is uniquely skilled to ensure that students will be stellar candidates for their medical school and residency applications!

Dr. Elliot Berger

Dr. Berger is an incoming resident physician who matched into one of the most competitive fields – interventional radiology. He was a very strong medical school applicant receiving over 10 medical school interviews and over 10 acceptances! Dr. Berger served on his medical school’s admissions committee where he conducted rigorous interviews for the medical school applicants and thus, understand how students are evaluated and how they can stand out. He has been involved as a dedicated Med Mentor, advising numerous students on his free time. He has a passion for helping applicants succeed in the competitive admissions process with an extra focus on those from underrepresented backgrounds in medicine.

Dr. Jason Simon

Dr. Simon is a resident physician in Internal Medicine with a unique perspective, having successfully navigated the residency match process. He recently completed a pre-residency fellowship in Movement and Memory at the Medical College of Georgia working primarily with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. He has experience with the fellowship selection process having reviewed applications and conducted interviews on the panel. He is active in mentorship and has worked closely with medical students and IMGs, revising personal statements and conducting mock interviews. He believes that behind each candidate there is an amazing story and finds great satisfaction in helping them tell it in a confident and compelling manner.

Mekaleya Tilahun, MD Candidate

Mekaleya Tilahun is a fourth-year MD medical student currently completing a research year at UCSF. She was a top medical school applicant and received numerous interviews and acceptances. As a first-year medical student, she was on her school’s admissions advising committee and was a pre-med advisor for an organization called White Coats 4 Black Lives through UCSF. She is passionate about increasing diversity and representation in medicine and has offered personal statement editing services as well as one-on-one advising for dozens of students, many of whom are historically underrepresented in medicine. Her goal is to ensure that each student is able to portray their unique story, which will improve their chances at securing a medical school acceptance!

Sinibaldo Romero, MD/PhD Candidate

Future Doctor Sinibaldo Romero Arocha (Sini) is a MD/PhD candidate who was an exceptional medical school applicant with numerous interviews and acceptances. He currently attends medical school through a very competitive, fully-funded fellowship. He was on the selection committee of the Mayo Clinic Post-Baccalaureate Program, where he interviewed students and provided his evaluation to the faculty. He has years of experience editing personal statements, primary applications, and secondary applications while being an experienced mock interviewer. Whether you are a first-generation medical school applicant or a nontraditional student, he will tailor his approach to your needs to share your story in the most professional and engaging way possible. Sini is passionate about mentorship and helping students succeed in their journey to medical school.

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